When there’s the possibility of information getting lost in translation between the engineering to the construction process, there is a greater chance of costly error. With our in-house design-build and BIM service, we bring all aspects of the construction process together to give you the perfect commercial facility.


Our team members collaborate on all aspects of the design-build process—from the engineering to the final construction—and provide industry-specific insight into project budgeting analyses, cost-control, schematic design presentations, and manage every aspect of the electrical construction.

Our design-build services include:

  • System short-circuit analysis
  • Circuit breaker coordination analysis
  • Photometric calculations
  • Power distribution engineering
  • Power load calculations
  • Lighting plans
  • T24 energy calculations
  • Controls integration
  • Existing system field verification
  • BIM (Building Information Modeling)
  • Specification Development
  • E.E.D conformance and documentation

The design-build process starts off with an in-depth look into budgeting and construction requirements to offer an accurate project estimate. We keep every member of the team in the loop when discussing project plans and designs to ensure every step of the construction process is completed without a hitch. The pre-fabrication department and lead field superintendents go over all plans initially to calculate and measure constructability. It’s then gone over by our in-house safety management team to analyze whether the plan meets California’s safety and quality control requirements.

We guarantee industry experience, formal training, and certification and the best, most professional project managers and electricians for every project we undertake.

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