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RoCal Electric Group’s core principles are:



We take great pride in meeting and exceeding any standards set up by the project team. Our work, speaks for itself. Not one detail is missed and the craftsmanship exhibited by our highly trained electricians produces unparalleled installations of electrical conduits, equipment and wiring.


Our strong moral principles of our office and field staff translates into everything we do. Whatever the challenge is, we keep our word. Every project we start, we finish; any challenge that arises we persevere. Our word is our contract.


To provide great value with everything we do. This commitment to value, is one of the leading reasons that our business has flourished, from a small Southern California Electrical Contractor; to three other locations in California and now a presence in the Great State of Texas.

Commitment to us is intertwined throughout our company culture.

  • To our employees our commitment is to provide a safe, accident free working environment, where work is enjoyed and everyone takes pride in the project they complete.
  • To our customers our commitment is to meet and exceed your expectations. Taking into account costs, schedule and safe work practices.
  • To ourselves, our commitment is to never lose site of our humble beginnings and to respect, cherish and empower all those we come in contact with.


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From the design process to the construction of your ground up building or tenant improvements; from troubleshooting & repairing electrical issues to periodic inspections of commercial industrial properties; we are there to address all your needs.


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If not resolved quickly, electrical complaints can develop in to major—and costly—issues. Reach out to us today for all your potential electrical problems.

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